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Since 2006 TKO Boxing Gym is proud to have been the home for some of the UK's top professional boxers. The original TKO Boxing Gym team consisted of WBU Lightweight World Champion Graham 'The Duke' Earl, WBU Welterweight Challenger Ross 'The Boss' Minter, WBU Light Heavyweight World Champion Tony 'Oakey Kokey' Oakey, British Bantamweight Champion Martin 'Too Much' Power, IBO International Welterweight Champion Ashley 'Treasure' Theopane, Junior Olympic Gold Medallist Tommy Saunders and WBU Super Bantamweight Title Challenger Matthew Marsh.

All of the above have now retired so Johnny Eames has got busy, by signing some of the UK's most exciting former amateur boxers, to develop a new squad of Championship contenders.

Below are some of the current Champions TKO Boxing Gym professional squad, plus a couple of the UK's top amateurs that are based at the Champions TKO Gym , as well as fighters coached by resident independent trainers. Whilst this is not a definitive list of fighters based, or previously based at the Champions TKO Boxing Gym it does give a good representation of the quality of the class of 2014.

Siar Ozgul

Freddie Turner

Joel McIntyre

Onder Ozgul

Tommy Martin

Charlie Edwards

Marianne 'Golden Girl' Marston

Sunny Edwards

Ian Bailey

Ediz 'Eddie' Hussein

Ramon Levy-Vassie

Festim Lama

Joe Stevens

Darren 'Mr R&B'Hamilton

Erick 'The Eagle' Ochieng

Ricky Rose

Larry Ekundayo

Michael Grant

Billy Joe Saunders

Paul Quinn

Gary Corcoran


Tom Baker


Joe Vaughan



Andy Gatenby

Anthony Upton

Frankie Buglioni

Paul Upton

'Phat' Pat McAleese

Billy Morgan


Matar Sambou


Leon 'Solid' Williams

Kevin Mitchell


Colin Lynes


Eddie Corcoran

Wadi 'Macho Man' Camacho

Damien Campbell

Mitchell Balker

Danny 'Cassius' Connor

Menay 'The Emperor' Edwards

Fola Okesola

Eric Mokonzo

Ben Murphy

'Saint' George Jupp

Brett O'Callaghan

Eren Arif

Areti 'The Master' Mastrodouka


Frankie Monkhouse



Paulius Kasiulevicius


Craig Hardy

Tommy Williams

Shane Watson

Tommy Watson




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